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RAFM Booster Consulting Engagement

Symmetry's experienced team of consultants and analysts can generate quick wins for your revenue assurance, fraud management or both. Our Booster program is typically completed in a single week and will identify actions that will immediately deliver results. Here are some of the main components. 

1. Coverage Check

We compare the risks that are already monitored by your business with our comprehensive inventories of revenue assurance and fraud management risks to identify blind spots where financial loss can occur without your knowledge.

2. Tariff Audit

Does the pricing of some services result in negative margins? Do they lead to arbitrage opportunities exploited by traffic-pumping fraudsters? Symmetry's team will quickly and efficiently identify issues by reviewing your tariff plans with our reference data analysis tools. 

3. Review and Refresh Departmental KPIs

You cannot control what you cannot measure. We will identify important measures of performance not currently being produced or reviewed and show you how to rapidly construct new measures to fill those gaps and gain insights into previously unnoticed losses.

4. Maturity Assessment

Comparing current objectives with industry best practice will illustrate areas where immediate investment in new controls is a priority whilst also providing the basis for a strategic roadmap of improvements that can be accomplished over time.

5. Audit of Billing and Policies

Our analytics software will examine billing output to identify flaws and issues. Meanwhile, our experts will review policies that can lead to financial losses, such as roaming or fair use policies, to see if there are loopholes that customers might exploit and to determine how well the policies are enforced in practice.

6. Advice on Reporting Lines and Communication

Does your team receive all the information it should? Does it participate in decision-making that affects the revenue and fraud risks faced by the business? We give impartial advice based on our knowledge of how other businesses arrange their lines of reporting and communication to deliver optimal results.