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RAFM Launcher Consulting Engagement

This consulting program is specifically aimed at communications providers who have not previously established a function to tackle revenue assurance or fraud management. It combines all of the techniques used in our Booster and Accelerator engagements but makes them relevant to businesses that lack necessary experience by focusing on the rapid development of new capabilities. Keep reading for four aspects of our consulting service that are the special focus of our Launcher program. 

Assisted Recruitment

No revenue assurance or fraud management team ever delivered the best results without having the right mix of skills. Symmetry's team has a track record of launching all-new RAFM departments so allow us to write your job profiles and help you to select the right candidates with the best blend of technical attributes and practical experience.

Assisted Procurement

You do not want to employ people to do repetitive data manipulation work that would be more cheaply and accurately performed by a machine. We will draw up the technical requirements, then help you and your procurement department to run a competitive tendering process that involves a wide variety of suppliers of RAFM solutions.

Defining the Vision and Mandate

No new RAFM function can address every cause of financial loss at once. On the other hand, if the remit is too narrow then it will place limits on the value that will be added later. Let our experienced consultants help the leader of a new RAFM team, that person's direct manager and the company's executives to understand and endorse realistic ambitions for how the new team will deliver incrementally greater value over time.

Leverage Useful Work Done Elsewhere in the Business

It may not seem important to a new team to spend time learning about controls and data analysis managed by other parts of the business. However, understanding the work of others and the useful data that is already available will prevent the duplication of effort and unlock rapid gains by building upon what others have already accomplished. Symmetry's team will find quick wins whilst creating a 'map' of how your new RAFM function complements the rest of the company.