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Join Symmetry's Program for SMS Fraud Prevention

Are you concerned about levels of SMS abuse? It is a growing problem, leading some to question if the reputation of the entire A2P SMS ecosystem is now in jeopardy. Symmetry's intelligence gathering team is responding by doing more to identify who is enabling SMS fraud. Our investigators have been examing how bad actors advertise themselves, the APIs they use, how they take payment, and what kinds of crimes they encourage and assist.

As good as our intelligence is, the proof only comes when we work with carriers to validate our findings and implement methods that prevent further abuses. That requires a team effort. As a consequence, Symmetry has instituted a new partnership program for telcos who want to work with us to tackle SMS abuse. One major carrier has already signed up and we expect more to join imminently. Members of the program will benefit from free access to our new PRISM SMS fraud intelligence database for a period of 12 months. All we seek in exchange is regular feedback on the levels of abuse prevented using our data and constructive engagement with the anti-fraud methods we are developing and refining.

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