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Symmetry Solutions part of awarding winning project

DATAWORKS SUMMIT BERLIN – Award winner O2, collaborative approach with Hortonworks.

Dataworks Summit Berlin

April 18th 2018. Hortonworks, Inc. a leading provider of global data management solutions, announced the winners of the 2018 European Data Heroes Awards, at Dataworks Summit, Berlin.

The awards recognize Hortonworks customers who have significantly transformed their enterprise by leveraging connected data platforms, highlighting real business value derived from data. Each winner exemplified outstanding achievements and meaningful results with Hortonworks Data Platform (HDP) and Hortonworks DataFlow (HDF). 

From the pool of nominees, a panel of industry experts selected the following as the 2018 winners across Europe. Judges panel of industry experts selected the winners, including Bernard Marr, bestselling author and Big Data expert and Philip Carnelley, IDC.

Data Visionary Award- Team at Telefonica O2

Data Visionary: who recognizes the potential of Big Data to transform their organization, and leads the business to turn that vision into reality. The winner will show tangible business outcomes that they lead, such as new revenue streams or improvements to customer satisfaction.

Telefonica O2's Financial Data Hub was awarded the Data Visionary Award. The project went live in August 2017 and has ensured that O2 meets its financial compliance obligations as well as having a hybrid big data architecture built for the future. There were a number of stakeholders in the project including Hortonworks, Accenture and Symmetry Solutions.

All telecommunications companies must comply with the new IFRS 15 global accounting standards. Companies that fail to comply could carry a considerable compliance and audit risk. While meeting the requirement, O2 saw the potential to go beyond basic compliance to Deploy innovations such as big data architectures, digital analytics and cloud environments would satisfy not only regulatory requirements, but also deliver foundations for O2 to operate as a truly data-driven company.

"Delighted to see Symmetry Solutions technology and services as part of a larger IT project be recognised. We have been delighted to be part of this successful project" Bill Leahy

O2 needed to create a centralised, highly-reconciled Financial Data Hub which would unify all financial reporting, delivering:
  1. Optimised month-end reporting with capabilities for working day one posting and daily general ledger views.
  2. Enhanced business-wide analytics on revenue and subscriber information.
  3. Data refresh and reporting available by 9am daily.
  4. End-to-end data lineage.
  5. Audited data to source systems for fully trusted analytics; reconciled daily to match 99.9% of the source data.
  6. Automation and easy management of all reference data and business rules.
Symmetry Solutions have been instrumental in this collaborative project with O2, Accenture and Hortonworks providing management and automation of reference data from Tariff, Device and Service Data and related business rules to ensure sustained accurate data is being utilised within the Financial Data Hub.