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TRAP: Tariff Data Assurance

With Symmetry's Tariff Reference Assurance Product (TRAP) you will have a 360° perspective on the data that determines what you charge and the profits you generate.

Know Your Business DNA

Obtain proactive assurance of master reference data across business operations including network, OSS and BSS technology platforms and related business processes.

Reduce Revenue Leakage

Gain visibility of your business data and processes to ensure proactive resolution of issues. Accelerate the delivery of new offers to the market by eliminating data redundancy.

Rapid Return on Investment

TRAP discovers and corrects reference data issues before you go live, boosting profitability from the first time you charge customers. It can be deployed on your premises, via the cloud and as a managed service.

TRAP Solution Overview

  iPC Interactive Product Catalogue: Stores current, historic and future reference data in readable and searchable formats. iPC not only stores the ‘golden-copy’ data but also enables tracking of offers and plans to validity period.
  Analyser: Compares new and old data for pricing validation, margin and competitive analysis.
  Change-Tracker: Maintains complete visibility of all the changes that are made to operational and rating reference data held within various technology components. Unauthorised or incorrect changes can easily be identified and reversed.


  Data-Visualisation: Allows people to easily access and understand complex information as it is implemented within one or more technology components, ’decoding’ the complex platform-specific data structures.
  Audit: Discover and eliminate service enablement, billing and charging errors by comparing the reference data of any network or OSS/BSS component to that stored in iPC. Caters for ad-hoc or scheduled (automated) audits. 
  Process-Controller: Enforces control over reference data as it is being decided, deployed and revised. This can involve a hard process with forced data entry and a single point of control for validation, or a soft process with TRAP providing offline validation and audit. Process actors may include product managers, pricing managers, network and operations staff plus anyone who may need to review their work, such as auditors or members of a regulatory compliance team.


Want to learn more about using TRAP to achieve your goals?